By Michele Boldrin, David K. Levine

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"Intellectual property" - patents and copyrights - became arguable. We witness childrens being sued for "pirating" tune - and we realize AIDS sufferers in Africa loss of life as a result of inability to pay for medicines which are costly to fulfill patent holders. Are patents and copyrights necessary to thriving production and innovation - can we desire them in order that all of us could get pleasure from high-quality song and solid future health? throughout time and house the resounding resolution is: No. So-called highbrow estate is actually an "intellectual monopoly" that hinders instead of is helping the aggressive unfastened marketplace regime that has added wealth and innovation to our doorsteps. This ebook has large insurance of either copyrights and patents and is designed for a normal viewers, concentrating on basic examples. The authors finish that the one brilliant coverage to stick to is to put off the patents and copyright structures as they at present exist.

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The latter made violation of copyright a matter for the penal code, putting the police in charge of enforcing what, until then, was protected only by the civil code. 10:35 P1: KNP CUUS245-02 head margin: 1/2 gutter margin: 7/8 cuus245 978 0 521 87928 6 Creation under Competition May 28, 2008 33 The South Park portrayal herein of the “copyright police” storming the house to arrest children for sharing files exaggerates the current situation. In the early twentieth century, however, the hit squads of the authorized publishers did indeed burn down entire warehouses filled with “pirated” copies of sheet music – so perhaps South Park should remind us of what might be if Congress continues in its current direction.

Yet the incentive to gather the news has not disappeared. According to intellectual monopolists’ preaching, this should be impossible: to report from the Sudan requires the huge cost of going there in person, but copying that same report is as cheap as it can possibly get. So, why are highly paid journalists traveling to the Sudan to get the news? 10:35 P1: KNP CUUS245-02 head margin: 1/2 gutter margin: 7/8 cuus245 978 0 521 87928 6 Creation under Competition May 28, 2008 27 The fact is that, prior to the advent of the Internet, the news industry was already a relatively competitive one, with many hundreds of news organizations employing reporters to gather news and write stories on the same subjects.

Publishers’ “pirating” of English writers, was a good economic policy of great social value for the people of United States, and of no significant detriment, as the 1876–8 Commission report quoted above and other evidence confirm, for English authors. Not only did it enable the establishment and rapid growth of a large and successful publishing business in the United States, but also, and more important, it increased literacy and benefited the cultural development of the American people by flooding the market with cheap copies of great books.

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