By Jiri Mestecky, Michael W. Russell, Susan Jackson, Suzanne M. Michalek, Helena TlaskalováHogenová, Jaroslav Sterzl

355 articles prepared less than the subsequent sections:B and T Cells of the Mucosal Immune method: Trafficking and Cytokine rules. Nonlymphoid Cells of the Mucosal Immune method: Epithelial Cells, APC, and different phone forms. improvement of Mucosal Immunity: Reproductive Tract, Ontogeny, Phylogeny, and Immunodeficiency. Gnotobiology, Environmental, dietary, and Intrinsic elements in Mucosal Immunology. constitution, Proteolysis, and serve as of Mucosal Immunoglobulins: mobile Receptors. medical Immunology, Immunopathology, Immunodeficiency, and Allergology. Microbial, Parasite, and HIV Mucosal Infections. Immunology of the Liver. Oral Immunology and Immunopathology. Autoimmunity, Oral Tolerance, and getting older. continual irritation, Inflammatory Bowel ailments and Celiac disorder. Induction of Mucosal Immune Responses and Vaccine supply Systems. Index.

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Holmgren, and N. Lycke CHOLERA TOXIN INCREASES TL YMPHOCYTE RESPONSES TO UNRELATED ANTIGENS ................................................................ 1507 E. Hornquist and N. Lycke MOLECULAR ENGINEERING OF CHOLERA TOXIN ............................. N. R. Kaslow, and J. Moss EFFECT OF CHOLERA TOXIN AND ITS B SUBUNIT ON INTESTINAL PERMEABILITY FOR OVALBUMIN................................ G. M. -P. Vaerman CHOLERA AND PERTUSSIS TOXINS, BUT NOT FORSKOLIN OR LT-B, ADJUVANT IgA ANTIBODY RESPONSES TO ORALLY ADMINISTERED ANTIGEN ..............................................................

I 10!! 10 7 10 6 10 8 10 9 SnBC Figure 3. Secondary IgM and IgG responses rccalled by dIfferent doses 01' SRBC 80 days after priming. PFC 200 --. __'SO days after primary dose in vivo ~j160 0--0 60 250 _6 IgG ~ f~ days after prrmary dose in vivo 0--<>'60 200 150 % % 150 100 100 50 50 105 106 10 7 Dose of SRBC 103 104 105 106 10 7 Dose of SRBC 108 109 Figure 4. Companson of IgM and IgG responses: the response to a boostrng dose of 10 7 SRBC, was taken as 100%. IgM and IgG Secondary Responses in Tissue Culture and In Vivo The observation that the IgM secondary response in tissue culture exceeded that number of IgG was a surprising.

Although many adoptive transfer studies have been performed (reviewed by Celada)3, only a limited number of experiments on the transfer of memory cells into tissue cultures have been reported. 4 The nature of memory cells remains controversial. A widely accepted view holds Bmemory cells (B-MC) to be long-lived lymphocyte. 5 ,6 Contrary to this view is the existence of B-MC with a turnover rate similar to that of most peripheral recirculating lymphocytes 7 ; such as B-MC are continually recruited by persisting antigen.

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