By Michael Colquhoun, Anthony Handley, T. R. Evans

This authoritative advisor has concise and sensible details on all elements of resuscitation. New guidance are only one of many alterations to the fifth variation of this publication as a few of the chapters were thoroughly rewritten.

The textual content has all over the world relevance with specific emphasis on Europe, Australasia, South Africa, South the United States, Malaysia and the center East.

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Advice may be needed about sore nipples or breasts, oversupply, or undersupply. • In developed countries rates of breast feeding are lower in younger, less educated mothers in less skilled occupations, and in single mothers. Obstacles to initiation and continuation of breast feeding are listed in the box alongside. Contraindications to breast feeding are rare: galactosaemia in the infant; mother uses illegal drugs; mother has active untreated tuberculosis; mother has HIV infection (controversial); mother has to take therapeutic drugs that adversely affect her milk— radioisotopes, cancer chemotherapy, etc.

18 Morning sickness Constipation Heartburn Diet and discomforts of pregnancy Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP) is not confined to the mornings (so “morning sickness” is a misleading name). It is probably due to rising levels of pregnancy-associated hormones and often accompanied by increased olfactory sensitivity and aversion to strongly flavoured food and drink. 19 There has been no controlled trial of simple management. One opinion is that it is related to a low blood glucose concentration and that a dry biscuit or similar light snack before getting up may help.

Arch Dis Childhood 1995; 72: 198-203. 8 Gibson RA. Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and infant development. Lancet 1999; 354: 1919-20. 9 Brand-Miller JC, McVeigh P, McNeil Y, Messer M. Digestion of human milk oligosaccharides by healthy infants evaluated by the lactulose hydrogen breath test. J Pediatr 1998; 133: 95-8. 10 Newburg DS, Street JM. Bioactive materials in human milk. Milk sugars sweeten the argument for breast-feeding. Nutr Today 1997; 32: 191-201. 11 Anonymous. Successful breastfeeding.

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