By Darshana Chandrakant Patel

This thesis studies on investigations of a particular collective mode of nuclear vibration, the isoscalar colossal monopole resonance (ISGMR), the nuclear "breathing mode", the power of that's without delay on the topic of a basic estate of nuclei—the nuclear incompressibility. The alpha inelastic scattering experiments mentioned during this thesis were severe to answering a few primary questions about nuclear incompressibility and the symmetry strength, amounts which are the most important to our realizing of a few phenomena in nuclear physics and astrophysics, together with collective excitations in nuclei, radii of neutron stars, and the character of stellar cave in and supernova explosions. The paintings defined integrated 3 units of experiments and next subtle facts research, either resulting in effects which have been welcomed through the group and regarded as vital contributions to the field.

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The complete system, shown in Fig. 1, was rotated about the center of the scattering chamber for the cross-section measurements at different angles [50, 63]. 1. 1 Focal-Plane Detector System The focal plane detector system consisted of two multiwire drift chambers (MWDCs) followed by two plastic scintillators (PS1 and PS2) as shown in Fig. 2 [64]. The detector system was aligned along the focal plane tilted at 45ı with respect to the central ray of the spectrometer. The MWDCs have holes at their high-momentum sides of the sensitive area in order to allow for the main beam to pass through it for the 0ı measurement.

By substituting the above expansions into Eq. 1 the energy per particle of the asymmetric nuclear matter can be rewritten as, ". ; ˛/ D . 2) For the symmetry energy expansion, the density pressure L does not vanish and, as a result, the saturation point in asymmetric matter shifts from x0 D 0 to x0 , where the latter is defined as the solution to the equation @"=@x D 0 [12, 13]. This results in, x0 D Introducing x D . density we obtain, L 2 ˛ ! K1 0 /=3 0 ". ; ˛/ D . 5) The above equation clearly identifies the importance of ISGMR studies in a series of isotopes.

Further isovector giant dipole resonances (IVGDR) has been extensively studied in photo-absorption experiments. Inelastic electron scattering can be used to excite isoscalar as well as isovector resonances. However both modes are equally excited and hence the interpretation of such experiments is not straightforward. 4 Experimental Tools to Study ISGMR ISOSCALAR MeV 11 ISOVECTOR 0+ 0+ 1- 20 2+ 3- (p,p’) (π−,π0) (n,γ) + 0 1- 0+ (π−,π0) 2+ (e,e’) (γ,n) (e,e’) (α,α’) T-1 (N-1,Z+1) T+1 (N+1,Z-1) T (N,Z) T (N,Z) Fig.

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