By W. W. Rouse Ball

This article continues to be one of many clearest, so much authoritative and so much actual works within the box. the normal historical past treats 1000s of figures and faculties instrumental within the improvement of arithmetic, from the Phoenicians to such 19th-century giants as Grassman, Galois, and Riemann.

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Thence he went to Tarentum, but very shortly moved to Croton, a Dorian colony in the south of Italy. Here the schools that he opened were crowded with enthusiastic audiences; citizens of all ranks, especially those of the upper classes, attended, and even the women broke a law which forbade their going to public meetings and flocked to hear him. Amongst his most attentive auditors was Theano, the young and beautiful daughter of his host Milo, whom, in spite of the disparity of their ages, he married.

Ii, 14. It is said that on the discovery of the necessary construction for the problem last mentioned he sacrificed an ox, but as his school had all things in common the liberality was less striking than it seems at first. The Pythagoreans of a later date were aware of the extension given in Euc. vi, 25, and Allman thinks that Pythagoras himself was acquainted with it, but this must be regarded as doubtful. It will be noticed that Euc. ii, 14 provides a geometrical solution of the equation x2 = ab.

V) A circle is bisected by any diameter. This may have been enunciated by Thales, but it must have been recognised as an obvious fact from the earliest times. (vi) The angle subtended by a diameter of a circle at any point in the circumference is a right angle (Euc. iii, 31). This appears to have been regarded as the most remarkable of the geometrical achievements of Thales, and it is stated that on inscribing a right-angled triangle in a circle he sacrificed an ox to the immortal gods. It has been conjectured that he may have come to this conclusion by noting that the diagonals of a rectangle are equal and bisect one another, and that therefore a rectangle can be inscribed in a circle.

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