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However. Illost frogs in Borneo are forest dwellers, and take up one of the following life styles: Fig. 6, Pond with frop. 1) Lifetime stream bank sitter: Some frogs never leave the banks of streams. Their tadpoles always develop in those streams (Fig. 7) or rivers. and when the newly transformed frog lets emerge from the water. :'. other frogs. snakes or liwrds. Frogs of this type include the GianI River Frog (Liml/ol/cai'S lcporilllll"). Kuhrs Cr~·cJ.. Frog (l imllol/cC1es kllhlii). and the Black -~potled Rock Frog (Sraurois IImawr).

As in the other ~pccie" 01 [hi" genu~. the tOe<; arc almo~l without II·ebbing. The finger~ halc a tii'lincl. ~harp ClllTe llL"ar lhe lip~. whieh nre pointed. The ... :runlly hurt a p~r~on gra~pjng one of thL"~c frog", S"in ~Illooth or II ith low ridges. TIll' l'olour i... gre~ to hroll n. II ith a compicuous pattern of black . OIal SpOh on upper ~urL1cc~. The ~'~e i~ d~cidedl} b1:J~·k. 0 111m, Fe1l1alc~ : 37-50 mm. Tadpole : Shaped like those of other Lt'flto/Jr(l('liillll/. D i~ti nguished b~ a golden "tripe dOlln the centre of the back.

Pre .. urnabl) lll"l"Ur.. tht"ilughnul Borneo al'on' 900 llll'lrl·'. ·Il". <·II,·/\. "l·ur.. ~~ilh L. lI/ol1lalllflll on \ \nun! liLl to dd"fl'r from ,_ II/OI/f(1II1I1II (lnll b\ it .. ('alL MEGOPHRYlDAE : Fig. 17. :hcfJ, Leplobrachiul11uigrO{JS BelT) & Hendrickson BlaL"k-c)cd Liller frog (rig . 18) Description : Slllali~r and II ith narrower head thnn other "pecic". bUI ~lili a Slock~ frog wilh ~hort hind leg~. As in the other ~pccie" 01 [hi" genu~. the tOe<; arc almo~l without II·ebbing. The finger~ halc a tii'lincl.

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