The main entire quantity ever released on Alfred Hitchcock, masking his profession and legacy in addition to the wider cultural and highbrow contexts of his work.
Contains thirty chapters through the major Hitchcock scholars
Covers his lengthy profession, from his earliest contributions to different directors’ silent motion pictures to his final uncompleted final film
Details the long-lasting legacy he left to filmmakers and audiences alike

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In short, Hitchcock seems an unusually unpromising subject for biographers because his public life was so routine and his private life so private. An enterprising biographer might accept the opacity and apparent narrowness of Hitchcock’s private life as a tonic challenge. Indeed, that is exactly what Spoto does in The Dark Side of Genius. indd 18 2/5/2011 10:08:10 AM Hitchcock’s Lives 19 resolutely inexpressive and a private life that is so jealously guarded and perhaps so boring. Unlike so many other directors – Robert Siodmak, Nicholas Ray, Roman Polanski – whose more apparently eventful lives have failed to attract more biographical interest, Hitchcock’s extreme personal reticence makes him something of a black box for biographers, who have fallen back to a great extent on either recycling and expanding the anecdotes with which the director had long regaled interviewers, especially in the case of Taylor, Chandler, and Falk, or plumbing the presumed depths beneath those anecdotes, as Spoto and McGilligan do.

In turn, Sir Laurens van der Post, born in Africa in 1906, updated the idea in 1955 as Flamingo Feather, a novel Hitchcock wanted to film. But that project fell through, replaced by Vertigo. Kipling’s Kim (1901), whose plot mingles spies with holy men, thrilling adventures with ruminations on the soul along the Grand Trunk Road in North-West India, offers a masterly variant on Andrew Lang’s idea of salutary adventure. It may be the least pessimistic of Kipling’s Indian stories, several of which Hitchcock knew (Truffaut 138; Spoto, Dark 329).

Ed. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1984. Wilson, Edmund. The Wound and the Bow: Seven Studies in Literature. 1941. Rpt. in Literary Essays and Reviews of the 1930s & 40s. New York: Library of America, 2007. 271–473. indd 27 2/5/2011 10:08:10 AM 2 Hitchcock’s Literary Sources Ken Mogg The bourgeois mind is really the inability to rise above the absolute reality of time and space [and attain] … annihilation of the historical process. Søren Kierkegaard (37) Many of Hitchcock’s most intriguing effects have antecedents in the novels of Charles Dickens (1812–70), which he read at school.

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