By Guido Segers

В магистерской диссертации Гвидо Сегерса, защищённой в Университете Тильбург в Нидерландах в июле 2012 г., показывается, каким образом различные радикальные идеологические течения проявляют себя в специфической музыкальной субкультуре - "блэк-метал".

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Dunn, 2005)” The themes that are described are sex, violence and evil, things that we sometimes find difficult to give a place in our world. These things in extreme forms have always been part of extreme metal according to Baddeley (1999), because it seeks out these extremes. Transgressive arts help us to deal with it. It shows us the limits of our society, of our perception and what we can basically ‘take’. Kahn-Harris (2007) makes metal seem like therapy, but transgression can be interpreted in another way.

The name Faust was the one that his fans would use. This warrior aesthetics can be found in all early black metal bands, some applying it more successfully than others. This seems to originate from bands such as Manowar from the heavy metal scene, dressed in loincloths and furs while wielding swords on promo shots (Dunn, 2005). Celtic Frost and Bathory have made promo pictures that nowadays would be more likely to make one laugh. The warrior mentality combined with Figure 8. 17) individualist Satanism and national heritage, specifically the Vikings in Norway, generates a dangerous new aesthetic that is shown on the stage as well.

I wasn't stunned by his kick, but by the fact he had attacked me. I didn't expect that. Not in his apartment and not like that. He had just started to train "kick boxing" and like all beginners thought he had become "Bruce Lee" overnight, but still. (Vikernes, 2004e)” The murder divided the black metal scene, which received a scar with these events (Spracklen, 2006). For a long time there was much unclear about the murder and who was involved with it. It was claimed that it involved a power struggle.

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