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Officially Karpov withdrew because of the heavy burden of his business commitments. Kramnik’s decision was understandable, as poor health is an adequate reason to quit any tournament; it was the form of his withdrawal that was harshly criticized. But Karpov’s departure was taken more seriously. Karpov has not played classical chess in over a year and lost his recent training match to Sadvakasov. It was only his enormous experience that prevented my colleagues from calling him a long-shot at the event.

We’re waiting for a Grünfeld or even a KID here! Nf4 b6 This is all theory; White relies on his spatial advantage and plans to take advantage of the ChessCafe 29/11/2004 2004 Russian Super-Final 40 / 66 weakness on c6. Kh1 Epishin considered this weak, as he loses time, which possibly allowed Kasparov to create counterplay. It looked rather dangerous shortly before time control. However, Kasparov probably misplayed it, as his initiative disappeared, and when Epishin offered a draw on move 42, it was accepted immediately.

C4 g6 23…Be7!? Bxe7 Kxe7 is probably even, but the text is no worse and sets a trap. Rh8?? Bd3 Bg7 = Now the evaluation turns to -+. cxd4 Bxe4+!? Definitely better is 27…Ne6, keeping the piece, but the text simplifies and is good enough to win, although not without technical difficulties. 28. , although Black must still win. Rh8+ Ke7, etc and Black won. Alexey Dreev quickly exchanged queens against Artyom Timofeev and probably expected to play on for another 40 moves to test the youngster’s endgame skill.

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